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Communicate With Your Baby Today

You Are A New Parent Or Expecting To Expand Your Family And You Want Your Child To Develop Early Communication Skills: 

Baby Signing Will Increase Your Child's Communication Skills And The Signs Are Based On What You Do With Your Baby Everyday 


Your Baby Is Four To Nine Months Old And Is Fascinated With Everything You Do: 

One Reason Why Baby Sign Language Works Is That It Is Animated, Repetitive And Fun

Your Toddler Is Babbling And Gesturing 

To Communicate Their Needs:  E ncourage Baby Signs "Want", "More" Or "What" Instead


sign language for sick
learn sign language numbers 1-10
Baby Sign Language
Is The Perfect Solution 
For The Terrible Two's

Why Children Get Frustrated Falls Under Three Main Categories:

To Ask A Question

To Make A Request

To Leave A Situation

We Are An Edmonton Area Resource Who Presents Ways For Children To Problem Solve Through Baby Signing Games, Songs And Books.


            A Free In-Home

         Information Session


Did You Know


     That October is National              Anti-Bullying Month


   Want to be a

   part of the


You Want Your Pre-Schooler

To Have The Love Of Reading: 

Baby Sign Language

Increases Word Recognition

And Signing Key Words

Helps Your Child Feel

Like They Are Reading Too